October 10th 2016

Today I got home from work, walked through the door to my house and semi-ironically proclaimed “Honey, I’m home.” Alice cantered to me from the kitchen, where she has started cooking me dinner because she saw my headlights through the window. 

It’s such a little thing but it’s a massive deal for me. Already we’re settling in to life as we now know it – together. She’s already annoying me by getting on my case about my sub-optimal washing up standards. But that’s fine. Because all of these little nuances are those of normal, every day life. And that’s the best part about all of this. That it’s just normal. 

Of course it’s scary, and exciting, and completely new to both of us, but it feels like the most natural thing in the world. We’ve “lived” together before. When we travelled Europe together for three months. But we rarely stayed anywhere for more than three nights, and it was so hectic that you can’t really call it “living”.

Although, we’ve not even been here three nights yet and already we’ve settled. 

We sat down to our first proper dinner together (we’ve eaten Domino’s on the sofa the previous two nights), and we were secluded in our own little corner of the world. 

Until tomorrow, honey, I’m home. 



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