October 11th 2016

Today I’m properly back to exercise after two weeks off. Since my half-marathon at the end of September I’ve been particularly demotivated to continue running. My goal was completed, and so I guess I saw no reason to continue. I owed myself a break. And other bullshit excuses like the fact that I had a cold. Sniff. And I moved house. 

Before this week, since my half marathon I’d ran about 13km. 

Since yesterday, I’ve ran 21km. 6 and a bit of those kms were at football this evening, so I probably shouldn’t count those. I’m going to, mind. 

I’ve not been anywhere near the top of our work running club leaderboard for the past month, but this week I’m determined to top it again. 

I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad thing to have a break every now and again. There’s probably medical and physiological reasons why it’s a good idea to have two weeks off after a half-marathon, but my reasons were strictly mental and laziness. 

It’s weird, a lot of the time my decision as to whether or not I run at lunch time depends on whether or not I can be bothered to make lunch in the morning to take to work with me. If I can’t, then I have to buy something for lunch, which means I don’t have time to run. Effort. 

But, now that I have my own house, which is 20 minutes closer to work, I have more time in the mornings for sleep and/or lunch making. 

So, no excuses really. 

Every lunch time this week. Football tonight. Football on Sunday. 

60km. Top of the leaderboard. No problems. 

The route I ran today was the exact same one as I ran on my first run with the company 3 months ago. 

The difference between those runs is crazy. Firstly, the speed. Today’s 8km was about 10 minutes quicker than my 8km from three months ago. 

And it was just a lot easier. On that first run I had to stop every five hundred metres to catch my breath. I don’t have that problem anymore. And recently, successfully ran a half marathon without a single stop. It’s encouraging to see the progress I’ve made in three months. 

I’m not usually a fan of hills, and today’s route features a reasonably prominent one. 

I, from somewhere, found a random burst of energy and ‘blasted’ up the hill. I set a personal best time. 

Until tomorrow, carry on. 



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