October 15th 2016

Today my Grandparents came round to see our new house. They brought their Great Grandson with them. Who, I guess, is my second cousin? Sure.

He’s tricky to deal with most of the time because he doesn’t really like men, and will mostly just hide behind my Grandma’s leg whenever we see him. But today he was a bit more sociable. He and I played catch for a while with this little green man that he had with him. I’d pull loads of sick magic tricks and make the green man magically teleport from one of my hands to the other. (I’m not a magician, he’s just not very smart. Because he’s four.)


I did my best to entertain him, but Alice enchanted him. In the middle of a strop where he refused to walk up the stairs with my Grandma, Alice stuck her hand out and he grabbed on to it and followed her upstairs.

I was doing the magic tricks but she had him under her spell.

When they left, he refused to give me a high five even though I’d spent 2 hours playing catch with him. Alice got a hug though, of course.

She’s going to be an amazing Mum one day. I’ve always known that, but today reaffirmed it.

Until tomorrow, under her spell.




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