October 16th 2016

Today I went for an evening run in my new home town. Something I would never have done in my old home town. Swindon scared me, Cirencester doesn’t. I wouldn’t feel safe going out in the dark in Swindon, but I do here. I still don’t know my way around, but that didn’t matter. I could turn down whatever dark alleys I wanted to and not have to worry.

It was the opposite in Swindon. I mean, there’s not a massively high crime rate or anything, not compared to other places, but I just… I don’t like the people there, and I’d distrust most people I saw if I went out at night.

On my run tonight a couple of blokes stopped to let me run past. I said thank you, and he shouted after me “Pick those feet up!” I even got advice on my running form.

I know that there are nice parts and bad parts of every place. To be fair, I lived in one of the nicer parts of Swindon. Which is why running away from it wouldn’t have been nice.

I am even tempted to go out for another run now, at half ten at night, because I’ve just noticed that I am not top of my running club’s leaderboard for ‘distance’ this week. Which is irritating.

We haven’t had much chance to explore Cirencester yet, but I ran past some nice places, that I’d hope to go back to. It’s a quiet, but not empty little market town. Which suits me well.

I’ve always thought that I’d like to live in London, but if Swindon is too scary for me, then London would be too.

But for now, I feel safe here. And I like it here. And I’m happy.

Until tomorrow, life is good.



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