October 18th 2016

Today I ended up stuck in my car without fuel, my headlights weren’t working and my glasses were broken.



I left work at 5:30 and got stuck in ridiculous traffic on the way out of town. Every Tuesday I play football that starts at 6:30. By the time I was out of Gloucester it was 6:10. I was twenty minutes away. At some point I noticed that I was running low on fuel. Nothing to be too worried about, though. I guessed.

The sun began to set, and when I turned on my headlights and nothing happened. It wasn’t dark yet, but it was getting there. The road wasn’t streetlit, so I began to get anxious. Soon the light would be gone completely and I’d be without headlights. With little fuel.

In my mind the solution was to keep driving, and try to get to my destination before darkness enveloped.

I won’t lie, I was panicking. I carried on driving, as both the sun and the needle on my fuel meter lowered steadily. I didn’t have time to stop any where for fuel, and really, how important is fuel?


Fast forward.

I got there. I got to football, without headlights or fuel.

I played football and felt kind of woozy. I’d felt weird all day actually. I kept dropping things. I dropped a pint of water over my computer and spilled my coffee over the side.

After football I asked my Dad to take a look and we managed to get one of the headlights working by hitting it a bit. The other one wouldn’t work. I then sat on my glasses and broke the arm off, and lost the screw that screws it back in place.


I was freaking out a bit. I was only 5 miles from home, and there’s a filling station at the end of my road. I knew I had enough fuel to get home. I know the limitations of my car, and how far it can go, I’ve had it a long time. But without headlights I didn’t want to risk it.

My Grandad lives around the corner from where I play football, so I phoned him and asked if he had a jerry can of petrol in his garage. And he did. Of course he did. He was out at the pub, so said he’d meet me at home shortly. I slowly drove there with one headlight and one arm on my glasses.

And then my phone died because I’d left in my car in the cold whilst I played football.



My Grandad came and fixed everything. He put fuel in my car, he made my intermittent headlight less intermittent. He gave me an old pair of glasses and a screwdriver. I actually found the screw for my glasses, somehow, in the dark car.

So I now had light, fuel, and sight. And I was okay.

I was moaning to my Dad, and then my Grandad about what a shit day I’d had, and then I found out that they spent today spreading my Nan’s ashes, and that it’s three years to the day since my Uncle died.

Until tomorrow, suddenly my day didn’t seem so bad.




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