October 21st 2016

Today my odometer ticked over to zero for the fifth time in three months. That indicates 5,000 miles travelled since I started my new job. My odometer apparently can’t handle 5 digit numbers (including one decimal place) and gets to 999 before giving up and ticking back to zero. 

I reset it on the day I started my new job, and since then the majority of that 5,000 miles has been spent commuting back and forth to work. Honestly, I didn’t know how I’d cope with an hour commute each way but it’s not been bad at all. Over summer it was fine, because there were no cars on the roads because of school holidays. 

Since September it’s been a bit worse, but it still shouldn’t take longer than an hour, even if half of that is spent sat in traffic. 

Moving to Cirencester knocked 20 minutes off the journey time on a clear day, too. 

Part of the reason the commute has been easier to manage than I imagined is because of podcasts. In my interview my boss suggested some podcasts, and I started listening to those and now I listen to them over the radio, or Spotify. 

I rotate between screen writing, football, and comedy podcasts about death, depending on my mood. 

Podcasts are preferable to music because I frequently learn things. And learning is fun. 

I’ve recently exhausted a series of podcasts that I downloaded, and found myself with no new content to consume. So, I listened to one of the incessant ads (a down side of free podcasts) and downloaded an Audible free trial (Again) where I was gifted a free audio book. I chose the audio book of my favourite football podcast. 

And then I cancelled my account. But before Amazon confirmed the cancellation they offered me another free credit to convince me to stay. So I took the credit, got the Steve jobs biography for free and cancelled my subscription anyway. 

The Steve Jobs books is 26 hours long. That’s a lot of commuting. So at least I won’t have to worry about running out of content to consume for a while. Forty minutes a day there and back is 6.6 hours a week of commuting (which is underselling it) so the 26 hour audiobook will keep me entertained for the next 4 weeks of commuting. 

I’ve already read the Jobs book, but something about having it narrated appeals to me. 

Until tomorrow, buckle up. 



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