October 22nd 2016

Today my car passed its MOT on second attempt. It failed the first one and had to get minor work done to it for it to pass. £160 of repairs plus two tyres later it was road legal again. Just about. I picked it up from the garage in one piece. 

My car has so far never… (One second, I’m finding some wood to touch) broken down on me, but it always feels like it’s on the verge of it. Some of the sounds it makes are unhealthy at best. But I’ve had it six years and never ended up on the side of the road with steam coming out of my engine or a tyre hanging off. There was a minor hiccup earlier in the week where both my headlights broke, but that’s electrical not mechanical. 

It gets a lot of stick, my car, but it’s done me well over the years. It was and is my first car. It was the first car we ever viewed, and we took it away with us on the day (as far as I can remember) I basically knew that it was the car I wanted as soon as I saw the license plate. The 3 numeric digits were ‘343’, which is a significant and lucky number to me. (It’s seven cubed, and the only three digit cubic palindrome) 

And it’s so far never failed me. It’s also never passed an MOT test first time, but it’s never broken down outside of an MOT garage either. Again, touch wood. 

However, soon enough I’ll look to replace and upgrade it. If it would’ve cost me £500 to get it through the MOT like it has done in previous years, then I wouldn’t have bothered. I’d have said my goodbyes and scrapped it for parts. But it was a manageable amount to get it through the MOT, so I’ll keep it for a few months before I replace it. 

Until tomorrow, and that will be a sad day. 



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