October 23rd 2016

Today Alice and I visited Westonbirt Arboretum. I always thought that an arboretum was where they killed pigs and stuff, but that’s an abattoir, isn’t it? An arboretum is a tree forest. Although, I guess all forests are tree fores…


It was recommended to me by a coworker as a nice place to go and spend a couple of hours, so I suggested it to Alice and we set off to the forest this morning. I’d never really heard of it before, to be honest, Alice had, she’d been as a kid. When we got there it seemed like I was the only person in the South West of England who hadn’t heard of it before. It was packed.

We queued for twenty minutes to get into the car park, and queued for twenty minutes to get through the actual gates to the arboretum. Apparently it’s like, a super popular way to spend an Autumnal Sunday afternoon.

With good reason, to be fair.


I mean, it was expensive for what it was – £9 each for a wander around a forest. But some of the trees were pretty nice. Some of the colours seemed painted on. I’m really good at descriptive writing, as you can tell, but instead of trying to paint a picture I’m just going to show you a bunch.




It was fun to wander through the forest snapping photos of Alice, and trees, and Alice in trees.


True, natural beauty like the colours of the leaves and the light through the trees always leaves me feeling inspired. It made me want to take photos, Alice said it made her want to paint. We don’t often get to do things like this, but we both enjoy it. Day’s like today almost make Autumn worthwhile. It would just be nice if it could look nice it does now and be 10 degrees warmer.

Because it was cold and windy, and there wasn’t actually that much to do, we left the Arboretum after a couple of hours. It’s not somewhere you can spend an entire day, but it was lovely, and nice to be outside.

Until tomorrow, watch the leaves fall.



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