October 24th 2016

Today I went into my overdraft for the first time in my life. Well, that’s not strictly true because before a few hours ago I’d never had an overdraft before. I guess what actually happened was that I went below zero.

What happened was my first internet bill for the new house came earlier than I expected. When I signed up to a contract I specified that I wanted the payments to be taken out on the 3rd of every month. So either they ignored that request, or this is a pre-payment payment thing that I was either unaware of or ignorant to.

It’s not a massive deal, I’ve got the money, it was just in the wrong account. I wasn’t expecting to have to spend anything more from the ‘joint finance’ account for the rest of the month, until payday, so it was just a case of either poor planning or a mistake by… someone. Possibly TalkTalk, probably me.

To combat that happening again Alice quickly set up an overdraft on the account. I guess that doesn’t really stop it from happening, it just means it’s less of a problem if it does.

All my life I’ve always liked my money to be in one place. But now that we share a house, and thus have a shared house account, there’s more to keep track of. That’s why I tried to organise it so that all of my bills come out at the start of every month. But I guess this one just snuck through the cracks somehow.

As well prompting us to set up the overdraft, the brief scare made us reevaluate our spending. We’re looking for ways to live, shall we say, less extravagantly. We’re not struggling by any means, but we’re wary of it. We each immediately transferred some backup funds into the account just in case of any more just-in-cases. So we should be set.

I just perhaps need to reevaluate my system of having everything documented within my emails. Because I know that I don’t check my emails when I receive them. So perhaps I just need to write a calendar or something or set a reminder for when each thing is scheduled to be paid and for how much.

I already have a spreadsheet for the ‘how much’ so maybe I’ll just add a ‘date’ field next to it. That’ll make sense.

It’s all just a learning curve, this living by yourself stuff.

Until tomorrow, and step-by-step we’re getting there.



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