October 25th 2016

Today I had to complain to my ISP about my slow internet speed. You see, I’m paying for 76Mbp/s download speed, with a minimum 39Mbp/s download speed guarantee, but I’m only actually experiencing a 5.25Mbp/s download speed.  

My latency sucks, and don’t get me started on my upload speed…

I hate complaining, I really do. But it’s kind of necessary now. Nothing ever went wrong when I lived with Mum and Dad, in their spotless, functional house. If things broke, they were fixed before I noticed. Now, if things aren’t working its down to me to facilitate their fixing. 

For example, our shower in the new house has the water pressure of a light, late autumn scattering of rain. The water doesn’t come out of the shower with enough force to even wash the shampoo out of Alice’s hair. But would I complain?


I just don’t like to seem ungrateful, or I don’t want to put people out, or I don’t want to annoy someone. I don’t know what it is, but I don’t do it. 

If I’m given the wrong food at a restaurant – unless it contains fish – you can bet you’re arse I’m going to eat it all anyway. That being said, I was once given a tuna pate starter for free in a Croatian restaurant and I tried to eat it mainly because I didn’t want to be rude, and also partly because I didn’t hear the ‘tuna’ bit in the waitress’ thick Adriatic accent. 

Fortunately, Alice thrives off complaining, and she usually gets rewarded for it. 

She has a gold rewards card at Jamie’s Italian Restaurants because she was once served an undercooked mushroom risotto. With that she gets a free meal and bottle of win every birthday. 

She won’t hesitate to complain if something’s wrong, and she does it in a way that gets results. 

Because if you’re going to complain to a company they’re only going to pay attention if you cause a fuss. My ‘ooh, er, sorry to bother you’ approach got me nowhere with TalkTalk. I politely DM’d them on Twitter, got one response and haven’t heard back. But if I caused a fuss I’d already have a solution to my problem, I’m sure. 

The thing is, I just can’t bring myself to go mad at a poor social media support operator who has nothing to do with my issue. 

And, as such, this blog is going to take a full minute to post because I’ve included an image that hasn’t uploaded yet. 

Until tomorrow, curse you, talk talk. 



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