October 29th 2016

Today we hosted our first dinner party at the new house, which was consequently our first hosted dinner party like… Ever. 

We invited each of our best friends round (who happen to also be a couple) for Friday night dinner and games. Alice didn’t want the responsibility of cooking, so we ordered a takeaway. In Cirencester there are very few takeaway options. 

You can basically choose between a Bangladeshi that doesn’t deliver and an Italian. Or there’s a Domino’s which is a categorically different thing to an Italian. 

We went for the Italian.

We ordered the food and it arrived before we remembered to set the table. The table we bought extends from a square to a two-squared rectangle… Somehow. We couldn’t quite figure out how to extend it, and we were getting hungry so we ditched the rectangle in favour of the square. 

The food was reasonable. I ordered the wrong thing. Classic. 

We sat around the table and each in turn audibly expressed our disbelief that we were at a dinner party in our house. 

We each aged five years in one dinner. Suddenly we were proper grown ups. And I’ve been saying that for a while, but these little things keep reminding me of it. 

To combat that feeling we spent the next 4 hours playing retro games on the PlayStation 2. 

Momentarily, we each lost those five years again, plus another five on top. We chorused in our shouts at the games console, encouraging our stick figure snowboarders to move faster down the mountain. (SSX3 is one of the best games ever made, no questions) 

We drank wine, and cider, and we played Bubble & Bobble on the PlayStation 1. 

And we were twelve and twenty. Fifteen and thirty. 

Until tomorrow, that was a great feeling, and a great night. 



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