October 31st 2016

Today I found out that I’ve got an abnormally low heart rate. Apparently, according to research (a 5 second Google search) the average resting heart rate for someone my age and gender is between 70 and 73 beats per minute. The heart rate monitor on my wristwatch tells me that my average resting heart rate is 46bpm.


Which, according to that chart classifies me as an ‘athlete’. So, that’s cool. I mean, I run between 3 and 5 times a week, so I guess that makes me an athlete.

I’m not sure if there are any actual benefits or limitations from having a low resting heart rate, but it effectively means that I am fitter than I thought I was.

On further analysis, my heart rate is low when I’m running too. Topping out at 140-150bpm. Which probably means something, I don’t know. I don’t think I should take too much stock in it. I’m 6 foot, ten stone, and run four times a week – I don’t have to worry about not being fit and healthy. Although, my diet isn’t particularly good.

My watch tells me all sorts, my heartrate, my sleeping pattern, my daily step count, my burnt calories. What it does not currently do, is tell the time correctly. Daylight Savings ended last night, and I haven’t got around to changing it yet.

I’ve always thought that it says a lot about me that it usually takes me a couple of weeks to change my watch after the clocks go forward or back. Adding or subtracting an hour is a lot less effort than figuring out what button to press to knock an hour off the time.

I had this really romantic thought earlier. That in an entire lifetime every human is limited to a certain number of heartbeats, and each time your full size aortic pump bangs against your rib cage you lose one beat off of your life. And if you live a healthy, active lifestyle, then your heart rate is slower, and thus it takes longer for you to run out of heartbeats.

An average heart rate is 60bpm. Which is 86,000 beats per day. My 46bpm equates to 66,240 beats per day.

5 million heart beats would last me 75 years, compared to 57 years at 60bpm.

That’s probably not an original thought, and it’s kind of based off of that Justin Timberlake film ‘In Time’. It’s actually not based on much scientific fact, either, because in non-athletic people a low heart rate can cause, like… death and stuff.

But for me, I’m assuming it’s fine. I’m just taking it as a signifier that I need to run faster and work harder, because I must be slacking off at the moment if my active heart rate stays that low.

And I say that, of course, with absolutely no knowledge of whether or not that is medically accurate.

Until tomorrow, tick tock.



One thought on “Heartrate

  1. I also have a low heart rate. Last year I had surgery and they had to give me an IV with medicine to speed it up. I’ve never considered myself an athlete but I’ll take it!


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