November 5th 2016

Today I cooked dinner for the first time since we moved into the new house. Alice was and is feeling unwell, so I gallantly offered to cook. And by cook, I mean I boiled some pasta, fried some bacon and added a pre-made sauce. It was nice, though. I’ve been quite well looked after since we moved in together, I know that.

Originally we were going to go to a fireworks display tonight, but with Alice feeling unwell and the fact we discovered it was going to cost us £8 each to walk into a field and get neck strain from staring at the sky, we decided to stay in. We’d already been out for an explore. We walked around Cirencester Park with my mum and dad. We’ve somehow managed to have lived here for a month and never visited the main attraction.

To be honest, we haven’t really explored much of Cirencester yet, but we did go to a nice cafe, and saw a nice park. So from what we’ve seen: it’s nice. Nice.

We went home, I cooked, and then we decided to bake a cake. I don’t think we’ve ever actually baked a cake together before, and we’ve been together for ten years.

We made a honeycomb cheesecake, and I can’t tell you if it was nice or not because we’ve left it in the fridge to set over night. It was fun to make though. Overall, this has been the most culinary day I’ve had since I left University. I made dinner, I made cake, AND I made fried eggs for breakfast. Madness.

Until tomorrow, whatever next?



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