November 4th 2016

Today I wrote a strongly worded complaint letter to TalkTalk. I expressed my sincere disappointment and anger that I have not received the level of service that was guaranteed to me when I took out a contract.

They didn’t reply.

I’ve actually been going back and forth with them for two weeks, trying to improve my internet speed and connectivity, and so far – nothing. They’d literally tell me to turn my router on and off again to see if it would fix the problem. They made no real attempt to offer any technical advice. Thinking about it, they didn’t even really apologise. I asked for them to phone to me to discuss it, because I didn’t want to be stuck on hold for an hour paying 35p a minute to have some halfwit tell me to reset my router for the umpteenth time. We arranged that they’d call me at 7, and when the call never came it got too much for me, and I sent them a final Direct Message on twitter.

See, I’d been keeping it private, and polite, and respectful, because I understand the situation. I’m not the type to kick up a fuss and cause a scene, I just wanted my internet to work.

Perhaps I was too patient, or too polite, because the only way you can really get anything done is by causing a fuss. Because they don’t want the negative PR.

I am pretty annoyed, but they’ve kind of mugged me off by not replying. I’m not entirely sure what the next step is. I was not getting the speed or service level advertised to me when I signed up to the contract, so I’m fairly sure that that allows me some kind of legal standing, but the thing is, I’d never take it that far. It’s too much hassle.

I don’t want to even have to DM TalkTalk on twitter. I just want things to work without them having to be chased up and harrowed down. (I’m suddenly aware that ‘harrowed down’ is not the phrase I’m looking for, but I can’t think of what that phrase actually should be, so I’m just going to leave it.)

I just want out of my contract so that I can enter into another one. One where I can just turn the box on and forget about it for the next 18 months.

Until tomorrow, is that too much to ask?



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