November 11th 2016

Today I won £90 off a free bet. My Grandad asked me if I could place a bet on his behalf, and as a result I got a £10 free bet. I put that free bet on an 8-fold accumulator and, lo and behold, it came in and I made an £86 profit.

Screen Shot 2016-11-11 at 23.00.58.png

That was a nice little boost for my Friday night.

I think previously the most I’d ever won from a bet was about a fiver.

It was doubly nice that this bet was placed with no risk either, because it was a free bet. I keep repeating ‘bet’ but I kind of don’t have any choice. I mean, my odds were 8.6, so of course there was a risk that it wouldn’t come in, but it felt like less of a risk because the money was fake. I wouldn’t ever place a tenner on such long odds, but the free tenner had to be used on one bet.

I could’ve used it on a more guaranteed wager with odds of 1.03, and made 30p profit but technically made £10.30 profit because the £10 wasn’t mine anyway.


Instead, I went for an 8-fold international accumulator and just bet on 8 of the favourites. And by gum they all won. Convincingly, as well. Only France made it difficult, so from the start I was reasonably confident that my bet would land. And it did. And I won the best part of £90.

I immediately took all of my winnings out of my account, but left a tenner in there for another day.

I’m not daft enough to start gambling with my winnings. Some people have the mindset that ‘if I lose this then I’ve not really lost anything because I didn’t have it to start with anyway’ but that’s crap, because you literally have lost it. You could’ve taken out the £86, that money was yours.

But now, that money is mine.

Until tomorrow, I might treat myself to a haircut.



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