November 13th 2016

Today I started wearing contact lenses. I’ve never worn them previously, but decided to give them a try when offered a free trial. The reason I’ve never worn them previously is because I was told that they won’t actually correct my vision.

You see, the main flaw with my eyes is not the blurred vision, it is the double vision. My glasses have a reasonably strong ‘prism’ in them that diverts and aggregates my line of sight to cancel out my double vision. The problem is that you can’t get this prism in a contact lens because they’re too thin.

So, my lenses correct my blurred vision but do nothing for my double vision. The reason that I hoped to wear contact lenses was for when I play football, or run. I figured ‘being able to see the ball’ would increase my footballing competency.

Although, saying that… we lost 14-0 today.

My contact lenses do not fix the major flaw in my vision, and thus I don’t think that I will continue with them after my free trial is over.

One other reason for this is because of the fact that I seem especially inept at actually putting contact lenses into (onto?) my eyes. This morning it took me a solid half an hour to get a contact lens into my left eye, and then another five minutes to get one into my right eye.

I’ve spent 23 years learning that it is not a generally good idea to put things in and/or around my eyes, so every time I tried to put the contact anywhere near my iris my eyelashes would slam shut of their own accord. My eyes would start to leak and sting from the repeated stabbing attempts. They were bright red by the time I got the first lens in.

All in all, it seems like a lot of effort for not much improvement – and it would come with a hefty cost.

It was, however, nice to walk around and be able to see things clearly without having to have my glasses on. I mean, there was two of everything, but they were both super clear.

I’ve worn glasses since I was seventeen, and have kind of gotten used to them. Although I was excited by the prospect of contacts, it seems that is no longer a realistic possibility.

Until tomorrow, I can see clearly now.




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