November 17th 2016

Today I walked round the Victorian market in Gloucester. They’ve been setting it up all week, and I knew there promised to be some proper market food on offer. I’d already had lunch at my desk at work, but that was just a starter, and I went out to find my main course.

I went with one thing in mind – a roast pork roll.

And after turning the first corner, there it was, the carvery stand. I’d found the holy grail without much searching. I bought a roast pork roll for the best part of six quid and was thoroughly underwhelmed. On second look, I could see the Bisto gravy granules in the stand, and that should’ve told me everything about the quality of my roast pork roll. Adequate, but nothing special.

Upon further exploration of the market I found three more stands that sold roast pork rolls, and they all looked far nicer than the one I’d had. And, they were all cheaper, and filled with more meat.


Turns out mine wasn’t the holy grail, it was just a jug of bisto gravy. I immediately regretted my impatience and haste in purchasing the roll without seeing what else was on offer.

A few minutes later I made the exact same mistake. I wanted to buy some hot chocolate for Alice, but didn’t see any. So I bought some freshly ground coffee instead. I turned the corner and found the hot chocolate, chocolate liquer syrups, and a much wider selection of coffees.

Premature caffeination.


I have a habit of doing this recently. Particularly for food. I settle for the first thing I see, and then regret it when I see the other alternatives.

I think it’s my impatience. I’d rather have something now than something better later. Because I don’t really think about later, I just think about now.

In some convoluted way it’s like my recent unwillingness to join the pension scheme. I’d rather have £30 now than £60 in 40 years time.

I need to learn to have patience.

I also need to learn to stop eating two lunches every day otherwise I’m going to have nothing now, and nothing later.

Until tomorrow, six quid for a ham sandwich.



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