November 22nd 2016

Today I went back to running after two weeks off. When the clocks went forward (right…?) and the days got colder and the heavens started to open I began to feel really demotivated in my training. The last time I ran – two weeks ago yesterday – I got a stitch half way and struggled to finish a five k.

I’ve been waking up in the morning cold, tired, and demotivate by the rain and I think ‘I don’t want to run today’, so I’d purposefully not pack my running gear, and instead of spending my lunchtimes running, I’ve been spending them eating. I’ve somehow got an increased appetite whilst on exercise hiatus. I’m fairly sure that’s not how science works, but it’s how I work, apparently.

Today I’d had enough of my own excuses. ‘I forgot to pack my kit’ ‘I didn’t bring kit’ shut up, James, you just can’t be arsed.

I endeavoured to go for a run today, and I did. I actually went for two runs today if you count my evening hour of football – which you may or may not.

I felt surprisingly fresh, which both makes sense and doesn’t make sense. My legs are fresh from two weeks off, but out of practice and fitness from two weeks off. It was raining, it was cold, but it didn’t matter.

For the first third of the run I was so happy to be out. My mood changed for the middle third when the incline began, and then I was happy again for the final third.

I don’t mind the rain really. Rain does this thing where it makes puddles and those are a bit annoying – but simultaneously great fun – to run through. Puddles mean you have to be aware of your surroundings a bit more, which is inconvenient for me considering I run without my glasses and can’t see a thing.

I ended up, both accidentally and on purpose, ploughing through a couple of puddles which as previously mentioned was simultaneously great fun and a bit annoying.

I’m being quite antonymous in my descriptions today…



My shoes got soaked, I got soaked. But I enjoyed it, and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it might’ve been.

If I am to continue with winter running then it might be an idea to get some thermals, because, as previously mentioned, I can deal with the rain but I don’t like the cold.

And with that attitude it’s very easy to just decide not to run. Which is basically what I’ve been doing for the past two weeks.

Until tomorrow, no more excuses until the next time I have an excuse.



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