November 25th 2016

Today I did something completely uncharacteristic and spent the best part of £100 on clothes for myself. I ordered a Nando’s at lunch time and on my way to pick it up I walked past an All Saints shop, and I’ll admit, the Black Friday 50% discount drew me in. I am usually staunchly against spending money on things that aren’t edible, but I guess the consumer within me was drawn out by the half price promise.

Within about 45 seconds of being in the shop I’d picked up two jumpers and three t-shirts. Five minutes later I walked out feeling eighty pound lighter.


When I got back to the office I spend the rest of my lunch break buying clothes on ASOS, and rounded my total spend for the day to £100 + Nando’s.

I cannot tell you how unlike me that is. I never spend money. I’d always rather do something than have something – especially as something as useless as clothes, but today I just felt… inspired.

“Tricked” would perhaps be a better word, because I know that that All Saints store is always 50% off – because it’s part of the Designer Outlet. But today it almost felt like it was ‘okay’ to spend money. Black Friday, and all that.

Although saying that, I think I’m going to get reimbursed for everything I bought. Because I’m going to sell the items to my family so that they can give me them as Christmas presents. A flawed logic, perhaps, but the entire concept of Christmas is pretty flawed in and of itself.

By diswilling (not a word) to spend my own money is weird. I’m not saving it for anything. My expenses aren’t huge. But I just kind of sorta don’t allow myself to spend the money I have. Not for any particular reason either, I just don’t see the point.

However, when I do spend money I usually go out and spend £100s at a time – very much like I did today, and I have to really be in the mood for it.

Until tomorrow, Black Friday got me in the mood.



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