November 26th 2016

Today I got prematurely festive, which is completely uncharacteristic of me. It’s not even November yet and there is ‘Merry Xmas’ bunting above my fireplace. That is, in part, to placate Alice – because she is naturally a more festive person than me. Although, something about the thought of our first Christmas together in our first house has got me feeling – as previously described – uncharacteristically festive.

We spent the afternoon wandering about the Cirencester Christmas market, and flitting back and forth between shops trying to pick out decorations for our tree. We’d been to my Grandad’s earlier in the day and he gifted us a tree. We (she) decided on a colour scheme for the tree (red and gold) and we (she) picked out some ornaments to go on it. Admittedly, my involvement and enthusiasm in this process was limited to grunts and frustrated comments of ‘I literally have no opinion on that bauble set’ but I was allowing the decoration to happen, and that’s pretty good for me.

We got some decorations and then headed back to the market to see the annual and ceremonial ‘turning on of the Christmas lights by a bit-part local Celebrity not currently residing in an Australian jungle’ (Ben Miller this year – yeah me either) It seemed that the whole of Cirencester turned up to see the event, and with good reason – to be fair.


The show started with some carol singers from the local school, and then there was some carol singing from the Mayor and Ben Miller, and then there was some carol singing from the Mayor, Ben Miller, the Cirencester mens choir, and the local school (audience participation requested and required) 

A nice touch was that in the upstairs windows of the buildings around the marketplace, the school choir stood and sang from their elevated podiums.


That was a nice touch.

After the third and final (and least known) verse of ‘Hark the Herald Angel Sing’ it was Ben’s time to shine. He gave a brief speech, and then pushed the button to illuminate the town centre.

He beckoned for the Cotswold Fireworks Company to commence their display and they did so underwhelmingly.

The above pictures make the firework display appear far more exciting than it actually was. But it was cute, nonetheless.


After the last firework fizzled out and the Mayor sent us all away, we went home to put our tree up. Unfortunately, the box we got from Grandad included only branches, and no stem. (I don’t know whether ‘stem’ or ‘trunk’ is the right word, there) So we didn’t end the day with a Christmas tree in our living room. That possibly means that we won’t end November with a Christmas tree in our living room, I’m really hoping I can push it until December but Alice is itching to decorate.


Until tomorrow, at least we have the bunting.




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