November 28th 2016

Today we put up our Christmas decorations. I’m not happy about the tree being up before November has finished, but Alice is VERY happy about it, so I guess it’s okay.

At the weekend we went out and bought a load of baubles for our new tree, and it turns out that we bought far too many.


When we’d finished decorating the tree we still had two boxes of baubles left over, so Alice fashioned a bauble centrepiece that is basically just a bowl of baubles with a ribbon around it.

We also bought too many lights, so we have lights up the banister, and lights across the fireplace. My involvement in the design of this light feature began and ended with the untangling of the lights. IMG_6700.JPG

Actually, I did push in the drawing pins that made them stay in place – an integral part of design.

I’m happy with how the tree looks, if still slightly displeased with it’s timing.


We even had The Holiday on in the background as we were festivifying our living room (and subsequently staircase and hallway).

Seriously. November 28th and my Christmas tree is up. This is unprecedented territory. I was even wearing a Santa hat for a bit during the process.

Until tomorrow, ho ho ho.



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