November 30th 2016

Today I watched the final episode of BBC’s The Missing. Recently, my weekdays have been defined by what is on telly that night. Thursday is The Apprentice, Wednesday is The Missing, etc. That’s new for me, as I’ve never been one for watching live television. I usually consume all of my media online, through catchup or streams. But since moving in with Alice we’ve settled into a routine and part of that is evening TV.

I’ve never watched live TV previously because it’s usually not very good, but I really enjoyed The Missing. I’s an eight part thriller/drama series about the abduction of several young girls. It was technically the second series, and I’d not watched the first, but it didn’t matter. I was hooked from the start, even if the main girl in it creeps me out and gives me nightmares. I found myself looking forward to each episode, which is a handy survival mechanism for getting through the week.

Because of the nature of a crime/thriller/drama each episode gives more questions than answers, which makes you tune back in next week. This usually irritates me, and as such I used to wait until a series was completely finished before binge watching it in one sitting online.

That’s how I got through Breaking Bad. I waited until it was finished and then watched the entire thing in a fortnight. Dammit, I miss first year at Uni. I watched so many good television series’ and I had literally no commitments. Well, apart from 12 exams but they weren’t technically worth anything towards my degree.

Instead, in this Adult Life in which I now find myself, I’m consigned to having to wait week-t0-week between episodes.

The Missing proved that the British can do proper TV. It almost feels weird to call it ‘TV’ now. Is Breaking Bad a TV show even though I consumed it entirely through my laptop? Unless… one second.

a system for converting visual images (with sound) into electrical signals, transmitting them by radio or other means, and displaying them electronically on a screen.
Yeah, I guess a laptop is a television. Never mind.
In my mind, the only disappointing thing about The Missing was that the final episode should’ve finished 10 minutes sooner. After the climax there was about 10 minutes of neat, tidy, wrapping up. I’d call that ‘quintessentially British’ if I A) had more than a rough idea of what ‘quintessential’ meant and B) had any evidence to back it up.
I just feel like a braver studio wouldn’t’ve needed the final 10 minutes, everything would’ve been fine if they’d left it at the climax.
There was one bit in the superfluous final 10, where (spoilers kinda) there is a funeral. And the director chose to have a photo of the deceased on top of the coffin, just so that we were 100% sure that that person was dead. Because they’d only kinda of alluded to it. I mean, we saw him (no spoilers) a person get shot in the chest, and then he they had a lovely quaint and powerful death scene. The portrait of the person on top of the coffin is unnecessary. Give us some credit, and give yourselves some credit.
Things like that are the minute difference between 8-part BBC drama and internationally recognised television.
That being said, I enjoyed it thoroughly, and am proud that there is proper TV being produced in this country.
Until tomorrow, I just wish I hadn’t seen the last ten minutes.

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