December 4th 2016

Today I spent a solid 3 consecutive hours trying to book a New Year’s citybreak. It wasn’t a very successful 3 hours.

Alice and I have been flirting with the idea of going away for New Year’s for a week or so, and therein lies our problem. If we’d’ve started looking a month ago we might’ve found something reasonable. Starting to look with just over three weeks to go has resulted in, well… nothing reasonable.

I thought I’d found a reasonably decent deal for 4 nights in Bruges (Colin Farrell not included) until I realised that A) it didn’t include a return train ticket, B) the return ticket was another £100 each, and C) the return ticket wasn’t available on our desired return date.

So, not an option then.

My sister went to Bruges last New Year’s, and she got four nights and a return train for £200 each. However, she booked in October. I can’t even get the train for that much. I became increasingly desperate in my search to find somewhere, and looked at Rotterdam, or Rotherham, Liverpool or Rome. Nothing. Not even if I was willing to change flights 4 times and leave yesterday.

I mean, there were options. But none within budget. It’s stupid, because I can get the same holiday for a third of the price a week later. But then it wouldn’t be over New Year’s. Does it have to be over New Year’s? Probably not. But it works out well with the time you get off for bank holidays, and the time I’ve booked off work.

I really, really want to get away. And yes, I should’ve thought about this two months ago. But I didn’t. I’ve left it until the last minute, and even can’t help me.

Even a 1-bed cottage in Scarborough is £500.

It’s annoying, because I was so close to accepting the Bruges one until it asked me to select a return train, for £100, 2 days later.

And once I’ve got this picture and plan in my head, I don’t like to give up on it. But the problem is that this problem has no solution.

Until tomorrow, bonne annee.



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