December 7th 2016

Today I got a special delivery, and I’m really excited to talk about it – but I can’t. You see, if I talked about this special delivery then it would ruin Christmas for about five people. You see, a difficulty I have with this daily blog is that people read it. Strangers read it – which is fine, but people I know also read it. My Mum reads it, my sisters read it, Alice’s Nan reads it, Tom Wood reads it. I usually like to ignore that fact, and I don’t let the audience filter the content.

I don’t censor myself. I write a 500-word stream of consciousness and if that contains some curse words then fuck it. This is supposed to be a brief description of mu daily life from every day of my life (now over 700 days of consecutive posts, by the way) but there are certain things that I cannot write about, and Christmas presents is probably one.

I’d like to be able to talk about today, and someday I will, but I can’t for now. Because it’s a secret. So shush.

To begin with I had no audience on this daily diary, and now I have a not insignificant one. Every month a thousand people choose to read about my day, and that’s pretty special, if not – in this particular instance – slightly inconvenient.

The worst part is that today’s delivery was only the first half, and the next half is even better.

Until tomorrow, sorry for the secrecy.



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