December 10th 2016

Today I started my Christmas shopping. I’ve been kicked out of my own house for the weekend because Alice has friends down from Uni, so I’ve sought refuge at my Mum and Dad’s house. I thought I’d use the time to make a dent in the list that I’ve been provided with. I’m pretty awful at buying gifts, but I’m trying to inject some thought into it this year. It just requires being in the appropriate state of mind.

I really, really, really, could not build up any semblance of desire to go shopping in Swindon town centre on a Saturday two weeks before Christmas, so we went to a smaller, quieter retail park down the road.

Even that was bad enough.

Too many people. Too much noise. My Mum dislikes shopping trips as much as I do, so we were both keen to get in and out with haste.

I started with enthusiasm, but that began to tail off as the number of visited shops increased. I was going to say that I wish I could just go to one shop to do all of my Christmas shopping, but what am I thinking? It’s twenty-sixteen, I can do all of my Christmas shopping whilst sat on the sofa in my underwear.

I should’ve thought of ‘Amazon’ earlier.

Still, I’m happy with my efforts today. Originally Alice and I were just going to go away for New Year’s, and that would be our Christmas present to each other, which is like – so much easier, but that doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen.

Another reason non-online shopping is crap is because after you’ve bought stuff you’ve got to carry it from shop to shop to shop to shop. I was tempted to run back to the car to drop the bag in the boot after every purchase, but that would’ve – if anything – made the whole process take longer, which is less than ideal.

I effectively need another day of shopping, but I’m hoping that the rest of it can be done from the device on which I am typing this sentence.

Until tomorrow, Amazon is my friend.



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