December 12th 2016

Today I finally learned what the word serendipity means. On a related note, I finally learned how to spell the word serendipity. It’s one of those words that you hear occasionally and you think That’s a bloody good word. That’s a word of the day kind of word. But I never actually knew what it properly meant until today, I mean, I could use it in a sentence and be kind of right just from previous context, but today I learned the definition.

the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.
I learned the definition of the word because I watched the John Cusack film of the same name
In the film, two people are repeatedly brought together through various moments of serendipity. Fate brings them together, splits them apart, and then eventually, and inevitably, brings them together again.
If you ignore the blatant stalkerish behaviour from John Cusack’s character (like literally, it’s prisonworthy) then the film raises some interesting questions about ones beliefs.
Some people believe in a higher power. God, Fate, The Wind, The Trees, The Universe. And sometimes that’s as a coping mechanism, and sometimes it’s just pure faith. Me? I believe in numbers. Chance. Odds. Probability. In my life, if something weird happens – something serendipitous, I don’t thank God, count my stars, or cross my heart, I do the maths.
My belief set is a combination of coincidence and calculus. I wear a pendant of St Christopher around my neck, but not for religious reasons. It’s more symbolic than spiritual.
In my hyper-analytical, super-cynical brain I struggle to process things as fate. One example to break that rule was at my Nan’s funeral the congregation were singing All Things Bright and Beautiful and I saw a butterfly perched atop the window. That might have been fate, or it might have been a coping mechanism. In my rawest of states I might’ve looked for a sign and projected my emotion onto it.
It’s really hard for me to accept things as fated, because then my entire worldview comes crashing down upon itself. I have to be able to find logic in things, and when the unexplainable happens I have to be able to find an answer. Sometimes there isn’t one.
It’s a sorry life, but it’s the one I live. Some people find comfort in unexplained moments of beauty.
Until tomorrow, I find comfort in logic.

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