December 13th 2016

Today I tried to run through the pain but gave up halfway. I’ve been struggling with some kind of shin, ankle, knee and foot injury in my left and also kind of right leg. Basically, I’m fucked. But I wanted to get out for a run. I went out last week, and it hurt, but I suffered through it and felt better for it.

But today I went out aiming for 10k and only managed five and a half. I was just very aware of the fact that my legs were there. If that makes any sense. Usually I run and, you know, the legs kinda just do the thing to make you run. But today with every step I felt that my legs were there. They felt heavy, and hurty.

I want to be able to run through that. Because that’s character building, and muscle building, and helps build stamina and strength and yada yada. But I didn’t. I turned around and half ran half walked home. But at the same time I’m aware that if I run too hard and actually do damage then it’s gonna be so much worse in the long run.

It’s annoying, because now that I am actually motivated to run again after a few weeks off, my body is restricting my ability to do so.

Saying that, I played football this evening and it felt okay at the time, but I’m feeling it now.

Until tomorrow, 10k tomorrow?



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