December 14th 2016

Today we dressed up in Christmas attire and ran up the tallest hill in Gloucester. It’s apparently an annual event at my work. I misread the memo as ‘Christmas Jumper run’ so whilst most people showed up in tinsel and a Santa hat, I showed up in a Christmas jumper.

It was hot.

And also sweaty.


The run started at the office, and a group of 20-odd Santas set off towards The Hill™.

One of our runners even carried a speaker that blasted festive music. I don’t know if we set out with an intentional goal of spreading Christmas cheer to all, but we seemed to achieve it. As cars drove past many of them would honk honk honk us, or shout out the windows to us. At least, I’m assuming that the shouts were ‘Merry Christmas’ and not ‘Get out of the fucking road.’

It’s 3ish kilometres to the base of the hill, which in our extra attire took slightly longer than perhaps it normally would’ve, but the 22 of us made it there eventually.

The Hill™ is a hard enough climb on a normal day. I’ve never yet managed to make it to the top without walking a decent portion of it. Some of our 22 had never experienced The HIll™ before. Today was a brave today for a maiden ascent.

Nevertheless, we struggled up.


The annoying part of The Hill™ is that at a few points you think you’re almost at the top, but then you turn a corner and there’s another fucking slope to climb. And the winter weather has left it slippy underfoot, but there was no casualties that I’m aware of. We all made it up.

22 of us summited The Hill, we paused to catch our breath, pose for a group photo or several and then headed straight back to the office.

Until tomorrow, Ho Ho Ho, all the way down again.



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