December 16th 2016

Today was my work Christmas party. We finished work and headed to the pub. And then drove to Cheltenham and went to another pub. Checked into a hotel, and went to another pub. Then walked for an hour through Cheltenham to get to the racecourse.

We ended up in a random park with some swans, sipping on Strongbow. A classy start to any evening.

Eventually we made it to the venue. 

There was a magician, who from what I saw didn’t do much magic. He drew some pictures and then asked some other people to draw some pictures.

A free bar for the evening meant champagne and cocktails. I don’t really like champagne or cocktails. It was Moet.

Dinner was exactly what you’d expect from a three course meal catered for 2,000 people.

There was a photo booth. That was fun. I guess.

We left when the band came on, and headed into town. We got lost again and ended up back in a park where two people were having sex on a bench.

We eventually found more bars. And more champagne. I found that i still didn’t like champagne.

We walked home and got a kebab on the way.

Until tomorrow, all in all, a pretty good night.



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