December 17th 2016

Today I set out to inject some more colour into my wardrobe. I walked past AllSaints and was once again drawn in by the “50% off all lines TODAY ONLY” sign that has been on the window for at least a week. Last time I went in, I walked out with a decent haul, but I’ve not got to wear any of those clothes yet because I gave them away for them to be given back to me as Christmas presents.

Today I bought myself some presents.

I’ve recently been staring into my wardrobe in disdain, as it it takes me 5 extra minutes to decide what to wear because I’m at that point where I’m properly bored of my wardrobe. My sartorial aesthetic has for a long time been a plain tshirt with an unbuttoned shirt worn capelike over the top of it, and a pair of black jeans I’ve had so long that they’re now basically grey.

This hasn’t changed in a long time firstly because I’m not a great proponent of change, and secondly because I don’t like spending money. But I’m getting better on both of those fronts. That’s now twice in a month that I have been on a spontaneous self-shopping trip. Usually I do one a year – tops.

But now I’m settled in my house, and have money to spend, it’s easier to justify. Plus, I bought three tshirts from AllSaints for £15. That 50% off deal is mint. It’s possible that this is all just because I’ve got caught up in the black Friday/festive season commercialism.

My wardrobe has always been monochromatic and plain. That’s me, black and white and definitely not red all over. But today, get this, I bought a light blue tshirt. Game changing. I realise that ‘I bought a tshirt’ isn’t something that one should dedicate an entire blog post to, but in my life it indicates a step. I’m trying to break this conformity and compliance wherein I make incredibly basic wardrobe choices so as not to stand out in any way.

But now with my £5 light blue, mass produced still reasonably plain tshirt I’m sure to stand out.

Until tomorrow, I guess..?



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