December 21st 2016

Today I spent the entire evening doing a load of chores. When I got back from work we headed straight out to do our Christmas food shop-ish. We’re having friends round for dinner on Friday, and we needed to pick up some stuff. So we drove fro Lidl to Aldi to Tesco because we needed specific things from each place. We drove home and put the shopping away. We made dinner. We did the washing up. We ate dinner. We did the washing up. We did the drying up. We put clothes in the washing machine. We emptied the bin. We put all the bins out for collection tomorrow. We cleaned and tidied the entire house. We emptied the washing machine.

10 o’clock.

One of the reasons that I was excited about moving out and living by myself was because I thought I’d have more free time. In fact, I have less. Perhaps that was a naive assumption considering my Mum and Dad did everything for me when I lived at home with them, and to be fair Alice does basically everything for me now, but there are still days like today where things just need doing.

And that’s not a revolutionary concept, I’m aware of that. But I don’t have to be happy about it. My day started at 630am and finished about five minutes ago when I got into bed.

‘Welcome to my world,’ you’re saying, because that is a normal human experience. ‘Cook food, wash dishes, clean clothes’

It gives me more appreciation for Alice, because she does most of it round here because she knows that I am incapable. Well, not incapable, just completely uninterested.

I’m used to ironing fairies and dishwashers and carpets that hoover themselves. This whole ‘cleaning your own house’ thing is a right pisstake. I don’t remember signing up for this. And by ‘this’ I mean adulthood. Because that’s all adulthood is, right? Washing dishes and food shopping. Not necessarily in that order, and anything else is just a bonus.

Until tomorrow, I don’t even get pocket money for this shit.



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