December 22nd 2016

Today I decided to buy a hamster. I did not have any intention of buying a hamster when I woke up this morning, in fact, I had never previously considered it until about 5pm this afternoon. I went to the pet shop round the corner from work because Tom had to pick up a hamster that he had pre-booked for his son. I went along to help him carry it.


Whilst in the shop I sent Alice a photo of the hamsters in their little cages, and she responded with – verbatim…





So I took that to mean that she wanted one. So I bought one. I deliberated over it for about the time it took to walk to the car park. We packed Tom’s hamster in his car, and then I walked back to the shop and bought one for myself.

I’ve never had a pet before – mostly. We had mice when I was very young but I barely remember them. There was a rabbit too, at one point, but never cats or dogs – my Mum’s allergic to fur, you see. As such, I’ve never really looked after a pet. I was kind of unsure if I’d be capable of caring for an animal, because I’m pretty much still learning how to look after myself, but it’s a hamster, not a human. Right?

I spoke at length with the Pet Shop Man over how I should care for the animal, and what I’d need to do so. I’m fairly sure he exploited my naivety for profit, but I was okay with that.


Did you know that a hamster costs less than a tenner?

£9 for an actual living thing. You can walk into a pet shop with a ten pound note and walk out with a hamster and some change. Of course I got her a cage, and a ball, and a wheel, and food and sawdust and stuff, but the actual living thing with lungs and a heart and stuff cost less than the steak I had for dinner. (Far less meat on a hamster, to be fair)

And when you buy a hamster they give it to you in a box. Seriously.


It just comes in a little tube, and you just carry that around and hope that it doesnt gnaw it’s way through the cardboard.


I packed my car up with hamster and her house. My drive home was probably the most careful I have ever driven in my life. I turned my radio down. I only put the heating on a little bit. I took corners at 3 mph. She was somewhere in that box and I didn’t want to disturb her.

I got her home, and Alice was thrilled. She’s been missing her cats since we moved in together, and I wanted to get her something to fill that hole. A cat is a big commitment, so a hamster is perfect.


She’s called Lola and she is s’cute.


We put her in her little exercise ball and let her run around the house whilst we set up her home for her. It’s got a slide and everything.



I’m never really spontaneous. I usually analyse every decision before I make it. Today I kind of just decided to buy a hamster in a split second.

Until tomorrow, welcome Lola.



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