December 23rd 2016

Today we had Christmas dinner with our friends –  labelled ‘friendmas’ by Alice only. We had a Domino’s.


Not a festive feast, but a feast nonetheless.

I tell you what, I felt proper grown up. Hosting a Christmas dinner party in my own house. Providing people with food, cutting the cheese, asking people if they want a top up of wine. Wine, I’ll have you know.


We also cooked a Christmas ham. Alice thinks that me saying ‘we cooked a ham’ is giving myself too much credit, but I was at least somewhat involved in the process.

Smoked gammon, glazed with honey and mustard. I made the honey and mustard glaze which is at least 80% of the process, right?

Dinner was what you’d expect from a Domino’s, but the after dinner entertainment was the best part of the evening. Again, this makes me feel really old, but the after dinner games are always my favourite part of Christmas. Everyone’s always in a good post-food mood, and full of enough wine and spirits to keep spirits fine.

We played a simple game. ‘Who’s most likely’ wherein you decide ‘who’s most likely’ to find themselves in the scenario presented. Like I said, it’s a simple game.

We also played articulate, a game wherein you have to articulate a word on a card without saying the word on that card. Simples…

And I just sat on my sofa with my hamster, drank Thatchers and played card games with my best friends in the world, and life was good.

Until tomorrow, it’s the most wonderful time of the year.



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