December 24th 2o16

Today, Christmas Eve, is a day of tradition.

Normally, we spend Christmas Eve as a family. We go to the cinema, we go home and have Christmas ham for dinner, and we get to open a Christmas present early – it’s always pyjamas.

But this year was different. This is my first Christmas away from my Family, my first Christmas in my new home. For the first time in my life I will wake up on Christmas morning in a different house to my Mum and Dad. I’ve tried my best to maintain as many of the traditions as I can, to ease the transition. Me, Mum and Dad went to the cinema, and then I went home and ate Christmas ham. But it wasn’t my Mum’s ham. It was the ham that Alice and I made yesterday. We’re still going to open a Christmas present early, and it’ll probably be pyjamas. The traditions have transitioned.

What’s weird about tradition is how they come to be. We do all that stuff because we’ve always done it. But why did we first start doing it? When does an act become a habit, and when does a habit become a tradition?

Alice and I spent our first Christmas Eve together eating Christmas gammon with part-baked rolls and watching Vanilla Sky. Is that now automatically our traditional Christmas Eve? Maybe. Do we now have to spend next Christmas Eve eating Christmas ham and watching Vanilla Sky? I hope not because Vanilla Sky is probably one of the weirdest films I’ve ever watched, and it creeped me out a little bit.

Which isn’t very festive.

What is interesting to me is the evolution of tradition. And I guess that’s something you don’t plan for or predict, it’s something that just happens.

Until tomorrow, transition, tradition, and Tom Cruise.



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