December 25th 2016

Today is Christmas Day – in case you hadn’t noticed. This Christmas day was the first that my parents had woken up to an empty house in 28 years, bless them. We three kids all woke up in our own houses and two thirds of us converged on the house at various points during the day.

Kirstyn is a Doctor, and she worked 9pm-9am last night, and is doing the same tonight, so we had to work Christmas day around her schedule so she had enough time to sleep between shifts. It’s horrid, really, that she’s had to work such awful hours over Christmas, but I admire her for it. Despite it’s flaws (of which Kirstyn will tell you there are many) I’m so thankful for the NHS. And it’s incredible to me that people like my sister give up their lives in this way to save lives in that way. I probably don’t tell her it enough, but I’m proud to have a doctor for a sister.

Anyway, Christmas.

Alice woke me up at 7am to exchange presents. I’ve not been up that early on Christmas day since I was like… twelve. There were a few presents that I was nervous that Alice wouldn’t like, but in the end we both nailed it and were happy with our gifts.

I drove us both to Alice’s parents’ house, and we did more presents there, and then I drove to my parents’. Because Kirstyn was asleep, and I didn’t want to start without her, I didn’t open my presents from my parents until 4pm. Usually we start to open them at 9am, but everything’s different this year.

The delayed present-opening was managable because I’d had a fair amount already so far, but the delayed food-eating was almost unbearable.

But worth the wait.

It’s almost criminal that I only get to eat that once a year, but it makes it more special, I guess.

After dinner we watched a film – Independence Day 2 (bad) – and that’s about it. Gone are the days when I’d spend the entire evening playing with Lego, or Knex, or Hot Wheels.  Christmas is now less about the toys, and more about spending time with everyone.

It was special to have my Grandad come for Christmas dinner with us, too.

Tomorrow we go to my Grandma and Grandad’s for a larger family gathering, and more food. And that’s what it’s about, right? And we get to play board games, too – which are always entertaining at Christmas.

Idk, I’m just feeling very content, and happy that everything was near perfect.

Until tomorrow, Merry Christmas.




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