December 26th 2016

Today is Boxing Day, and I’m going to tell the story of today through pictures rather than words because I’m tired and I want to go to sleep. 

We had thirteen round the table. Unlucky for some, but not for us. My Grandad always says that 13 is his lucky number because his Mum was born on the 13th of the month, and without her, he wouldn’t exist. And neither would we. 

Grandad doesn’t like vegetables.

Fourteen if you include the dog. 

Grandad’s always said that he wants to drive an Audi, a BMW, or a Merc. He never explicitly mentioned what size, so mum got him a remote-controlled BMW M3. 

Dad spilled a glass of wine on the floor. It was red wine. We suggested the classic ‘put white wine it on’ trope, but nobody had the guts. I’m just glad it wasnt me who spilled it. 

Kelvin let his beard grow out. 

We’re all going to see the Bat out of Hell musical…

…and Mum and Dad are going to see Aladdin. 

Grandad’s spirit cupboard was opened for the first time since last Boxing Day, and the last time until next Boxing Day. 

We played All Star Family Fortunes wherein we tested the fragilities of our family itself. And by that I mean, we all got competitive. 

Grandad’s liquor cabinet was opened for the first time since a minute ago. 

I made up, and awarded myself as winner of, a game called ‘who can wear their Christmas cracker hat for the longest’.

And that brings us up to date. 

Until tomorrow, happy Christmas – again. 




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