December 28th 2016

Today I bought nine new books for a tenner. We went shopping in Marlborough, and Marlborough is full of charity shops, and charity shops sell cheap books.

I love book stores. A trip t0 Waterstones is one of my favourite ways to spend an afternoon, I like running my hand along the spine of fresh, never-opened books, I like looking at multiple issues of the same book stacked high from floor to ceiling, and I like that there is so much to choose from, but let me tell you… you cannot, CANNOT go wrong with £1 books from a charity shop.

For the price of one book from Waterstones I can buy nine from a charity shop, so that’s what I did. I bought nine books.

I mainly buy books for show, right. I don’t really read that often anymore, but I love to buy books. That’s a phenomenon the Japanese call ‘tsundoku’ (about which I have written hereand for the purpose of tsundoku, or however you’re supposed to use that word, £1 books are perfect.

Because you don’t feel any obligation to start, or finish reading a book that cost you a quid. You might have more of a compulsion to read a book that you had to use a note to pay for, but for purely decorative purposes a quid-book is ideal.

I mean, at some point in my life I am going to read those books, but I didn’t rush home to start.

One of the books that I bought – the bottom one in the above picture – ‘The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime’ is the book that I have read most frequently of any book that does not contain a magical boarding school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. But I’ve only read it on my Kindle, I’ve never actually owned the hardback version. I’ve read the hardback version when I’ve borrowed it from school libraries, but I’ve never owned it. And now I do. And it cost me a pound.

I can’t say it enough…

You really, really cannot go wrong with a charity bookstore.

Every charity shop we go into I make a beeline for the book section, one time I got six books for a pound. That’s madness. That’s daylight robbery. That’s daylight robbery from a charitable organisation.

But it builds my collection, and makes my bookcase look pretty.

Until tomorrow, I have one more shelf to fill.



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