December 30th 2016

Today I had dinner with a friend who I’ve not seen in five years. He was, for a long time, my best friend, but we grew apart as we grew older and lost contact. We’ve said for a while that we need to meet for a catch-up and tonight we finally did. Fortunately, we got on as well as we always did.

My social circle has never contained many more than about four proper friends, and I’ve always been okay with that, but it’s nice to see a new/old face once in a while.

One of the things we talked about was how we’d lost contact with various friends we had at school. At school you meet people with whom you assume you will be friends for life, because you spend all day every day with them, but for me, that group of people thinned down to about four, and I’ve not made many new friends since school, to be fair.

I have extended-friends from Uni who I never see, and friends from my old job who I see occasionally, but other than that I still have the same core group of friends as I did at school. And that’s how I like it…

But since I moved to Cirencester with Alice, and it’s become just us two, (plus our hamster, now) it would be very easy to lose touch with the world outside of our bubble. So I’m trying not to do that, and I know that I should also try harder.

I’m hoping to organise a poker night or something in place of the housewarming party we should’ve had three months ago, but honestly I’m just really bad at organising my social life. At least a year of the ‘five years without seeing him’ thing is because of lack of conviction when organising things. I’d’ve text him this time last year to say happy birthday, and we’d’ve said ‘we need to meet up’ but then suddenly nine months pass and he texts me to say happy birthday and we say that we need to meet up, and then it’s December again except this time we did meet up, but mainly just because Alice kept reminding me to text him.

I’d’ve forgotten otherwise.

I blame my new smart watch, because now I can read my texts on my watch when they come through, I don’t need to check them on my phone. But if my phone isn’t in my hand then I forget to reply, and so I don’t reply. And that’s why things don’t get organised.

For example, it’s New Year’s Eve tomorrow and I’ve only just found out what I’m doing because I hadn’t bothered to send a text around.

I just need to put more effort into my social life, before it disappears and dissolves into just me, Alice, and the hamster.

Until tomorrow, although that does sound like a pretty sweet gig.



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