December 31st 2016

Today marks my second straight year of daily, consecutive blog posts.

On January 1st 2015 I set myself a challenge of writing a blog blog post every day for the whole year, and I did that. And then I did it again in 2016.

For two whole years I have written a daily entry on this website that has described my day, what I learned, where I was, what I’d done. Sometimes the content was good, sometimes it was bad. Sometimes I’d sit at my computer for an hour, and stare at a blank screen until I could think of something to write about. But I always wrote something.

I’ve uploaded blog posts from fifteen different countries across multiple timezones, from the top of mountain in Andorra, to an island in the middle of the Adriatic Sea.

And I’ve never missed a day.

I was in Belgium once, without wifi, and I had to walk to McDonald’s at night to borrow their wifi to upload a post. When I was skiing I paid five British pounds every day just to use the wifi in the hostel so that I could upload.

I haven’t tried to subscribe to a midnight deadline, because sometimes my day doesn’t end at midnight, and sometimes I can’t think of anything to write before midnight, and sometimes I’m away from my computer or phone at midnight. I might end up posting something at 1, 2, or 3am, but as long as it’s before I go to sleep then I count that as correct, and that’s how it’s worked since the start.

Tonight, when midnight passes, I’ll be onto my third year of daily blog posts. I don’t know why it’s so important to me – actually, that’s not accurate, I do know why I just can’t express it in words properly and stuff. Which is reassuring, considering my literal job is to express things in words and stuff.

Speaking of that…

My resolutions for this year were simple:

  1. Run a half marathon.
  2. Write for a living.

On top of everything else I’ve done this year, I accomplished both of my fundamental goals. I ran a half marathon in September, and I now write professionally.

This year has had it’s serious low points, but it’s also been very successful. I began my career, which allowed me to move into my first home.

Until tomorrow, Happy New Year.




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