January 1st 2017

Today I’ve made some resolutions. Not because I feel like I have to, but because judging myself by targets and goals is a rewarding way of increasing my productivity. Setting a concrete target gives me something to work toward, focuses my drive, and drives my focus. Otherwise, I’d just wake up every day and think ‘hmm, what now?’


Last year my resolutions were brief yet obtuse.

  1. Run a half marathon.
  2. Write for a living.

This year, I’m doubling up, and thus my goals for 2017 are thus:

  1. Run a marathon.
  2. Earn a second living from writing. 

Perhaps those are lazy targets, and you’d be half right if you accused me of only going for them because I can’t think of anything more creative, but I think there is merit in there, and credit, certainly.

A marathon is doable. Definitely. I trained for the half, and did it without trouble. Technically I did two half marathons last year. Although, if you look at factors outside of  distance, I’m aware that a marathon is slightly more work than two half marathons. After my half-mara my training schedule kind of slacked into death, and that’s mainly because I had nothing to train for. I’d had my goal, and once I’d completed it, there was nothing else to keep me interested. Plus it got cold out.

Well, now I have new interest, and we’re on the fun side of the Winter Solstice, so the days are getting longer and (soon) warmer.

For the writing one, I should add some detail. On top of my job as a copywriter, there are certain other ways in which I can be paid for writing. This blog, for example. My monthly views on this blog are not insignificant, and from a recent conversation with a WordPress employee, I gather that my figures aren’t too far off the threshold at which WordPress offer you an advertising partnership. So, that’d be cool.

Elsewise, my novel(s). If some literary agent out there decides to represent me and help me get a book deal, then an income from my novel would become realistic. I guess technically, I have already started receiving income from my novel, when my Aunt bought a copy off me the other week. But, as lovely a gesture as that was, it wouldn’t count towards this resolution.

I guess on this thread, it could perhaps be a good idea to introduce a third, more ambitious resolution. And so…

3. Write a new story.

I’ve not written a complete, cover to cover story in over three years. I’ve got notes, and ideas, and 10-or-so-thousand words of three ideas, but nothing complete. And it’s about time I changed that. You’ll notice in the wording of that resolution that I put ‘story’ and not ‘novel’ because there is every chance that the story that I write might end up being a screenplay, and I don’t want to limit myself with technicalities.

The other way that I could possibly expect to make an income from writing is through a new project that I am beginning this month that I do not yet currently have the courage or eloquence to talk about on a public forum. I’ve had an idea. I’m trying to make it work. It might not work, and if it doesn’t work then I’d rather not have my failure documented.

So there we go.

  1. Run a marathon.
  2. Earn a second living from writing. 
  3. Write a new story.

I should also take more pictures, eat more fruit, stick to my guns more often, and learn to not be so hard on myself, but those are not things that I’m going to put in a list.

Until tomorrow, bring it, twenty-seventeen.



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