January 3rd 2017

Today I ran for the first time this year, I ran for the first time in three weeks, and I ran for the first time in my new trainers.

Since I started taking running semi-seriously I haven’t actually bought myself a pair of running trainers. To begin with I ran in a pair of tatty old things that I had in a cupboard, and then when I started to get shin splints and sore legs, my Dad gave me a pair of his. Thinking about that… he more ‘loaned’ me a pair, and I should probably give them back now that I’ve got new ones…


I’ve never bought new ones because A) I don’t like buying things, and B) I didn’t take it seriously enough. I’m of the opinion that the gear doesn’t really matter, and that 90% of running is mental, 9% of it is physical, and 1% of it is gear – if that. I know keen runners who experiment with different shoes, with different gaits, for different trails, with different spikes, and they’ll say ‘I can’t run there today, I’ve got the wrong shoes’ and although there may be logic and reason behind that – and I’m usually a stickler for logic and reason – I just can’t get behind it.

I didn’t think that shoes would help me run faster, or make it hurt less when I did so.

And then I got these…


Look how fucking shiny.

They literally light up, of course I’m going to feel like I can run faster in those.

Okay, technically they don’t literally light up – they reflect light. The material makes it so that in normal lighting they look black, but if you shine a light on them they reflect the rainbow.

Plus, they’re so comfortable they feel like clouds.

I’m running on clouds with rainbows and lightning bolts on my feet. I’m flying. My shoes come with their own meteorological cycle.

My run today was easy and enjoyable. It could be to do with the fact that I ran on fresh legs after three weeks off, or it could be because I ran on lightning, rainbows clouds.

Until tomorrow, chase the rainbow.


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