January 7th 2017

Today we took down our Christmas decorations, which – considering they’d been up since the last weekend in November – was well overdue. It seems late to be taking them down, but advent only ended them yesterday, or something, right? In reality they just stayed up because we’ve been busy.

When the decorations were down it wasn’t long before we both said that classic post-Christmas line.

Oooooh doesn’t it look bare without the decorations up’

And it does.


The house seems incomplete in a way now, but it’s nice to ‘have a bit more room in here now’

The next thing I want to do with the house is sort out the office. We’ve got a spare room that I’ve been hoping to use as my office since we moved in, but we’ve not got round to it. We need two desks, and two chairs before we can start to call it an office.

I’m hoping that having a proper desk with a proper chair in a proper office will give me reason to use it. Recently, I haven’t found any time in the evenings to write anything other than these daily updates. Hopefully that will be different when I feel like I can have a space where I can go, be productive, and create.

Until tomorrow, don’t it look bare?



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