January 8th 2017

Today I spent a lot of my day in the kitchen. On Friday night, I cooked for the second time since we moved into our new house, and today – Sunday – I’ve doubled that tally to four times by cooking dinner three nights in a row.

We had absolutely nothing planned this weekend. All we did was clean the house and do the weekly food shop, and so that meant that I had some free time. And I quite like cooking when I have free time, so that’s how I spent my afternoon.

My plan was to make enough food to last me a whole week’s worth of lunches. Recently, and increasingly, I’ve just been buying a ready meal in my lunch break – which is neither economical or healthy. And I’ve resorted to ready meals because I don’t ever have the time or energy in the evenings to prepare lunch for the next day.

So, with my free day, I made a load of lunches.

I made chicken and chorizo jambalaya for dinner tonight, with enough leftovers to take to work for tomorrow’s lunch, and I made a joblot of pasta for the rest of the week.

FullSizeRender 33.jpg

Now it’s the New Year, Alice and I are aiming to eat healthier. So we prepared a list of meals that we want to cook this week that are both healthy and tasty, and hopefully fun to cook.

And, if I start cooking more then it lessens Alice’s workload around the house, which will be good. Although, I don’t get home from work until 6:30, so if I cook during the week we won’t eat until gone 8, and there’s no way that I can last 8 hours from lunch to dinner without going to the vending machine at least twice, and that doesn’t comply with our healthier eating mission.

Perhaps we can agree that she cooks during the week, and I cook at weekends, or something similar.


Until tomorrow, what’s for dinner?



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