January 10th 2017

Today I’ve been struggling with a back injury. I felt a bit of a pain there last night, probably as a reaction to my heroic victory in the 5km race, so I treated it by resting a water bottle against it as I sat on my arse and did nothing. That was a particularly enjoyable form of recovery, and – I thought – an effective one. I felt pretty okay this morning, but during my lunch tine run the twinge came back.

For the first 4-or-so-km of my 8-or-so-km recovery run today, my back still hurt. The hot water bottle didn’t have magic powers, after all.

As my body warmed up a bit, my back hurt less, and the pain was negligible to the point where I could ignore it.

After the run, however, the pain was there again. And, when I played went to football this evening the back-pain stopped me from being able to make any sharp movements, which turned me into an even more ineffectual football player than usual.

So I’ve come home broken, and for the first time in my life I’m using Deep Heat.


All I can say is that I now appreciate what the ‘heat’ bit means. My back is now on fire, but apparently that is going to make me feel better. I think I’ll probably have a day off running tomorrow.

Until tomorrow, all I need now is sleep.




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