January 11th 2016

Today I fell down a flight of stairs. I’d just started my lunch break and was walking down the stairs, when I guess I slipped. It was like when you’re walking on ice and you can feel yourself start to go over, but there’s nothing that you can do to stop yourself from falling, so you flail your arms wildly in the hope that that somehow steadies your balance. I flailed as much as I could, but I fell down hard on my arm, and slid down the remaining stairs on my arse/back/arm.

My arm is now fucked.

I don’t think that this picture shows it particularly well, but my right forearm is swollen to a size well above normal. Plus, my back was hurting anyway last night, and this has not helped.

FullSizeRender 38.jpg

Basically, I’m a mess.

I don’t know how I slipped. I’m blaming my stupid pointy, shiny, slippy shoes. I was scrolling through my phone at the time, so I reckon I could probably sue twitter or something.

Perhaps I shouldn’t’ve let my phone distract me from the task of ‘walking down the stairs’ but I’ve been walking down stairs pretty successfully for 20-or-so years now, and I thought I’d got it down. Apparently not.

So, I’ve ended up with a lump on my arm because I apparently am incapable of walking down stairs.

I expect that the bruising and swelling will increase overnight, and I’ll wake up in the morning with extremely limited use of my right arm. Great.

Until tomorrow, it fucking hurts.



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