January 13th 2017

Today it snowed – eugh.


I dislike snow. It forced me to get out of bed earlier, and resulted in me leaving for work later, and it made the commute itself take longer.

Alice woke up and popped her head out of the window. She shrieked in joy, so I groaned in disapproval. I mean, it looks pretty in this quaint little Cotswold town in which we live, but it just gets in the way. No one can grit the roads down here because of the one-way system that barely fits my car.

When you get onto the main roads it’s okay – if you make it that far.

And inevitably at some point you have to walk on the snow.


I hate how snow feels underfoot. I hate how snow sounds underfoot. I think that’s partly because I’m a killjoy about most things, but mostly it’s the texture.

Until tomorrow, crunch, squelch – eugh.


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