January 14th 2016 

Today I’m in London for my sister’s engagement party. She got engaged six months ago but her bridesmaids organised an engagement dinner for all of her friends (and us, her family). 

All of Genine’s friends are like overwhelmingly attractive grown up people. They’ve all got perfect designer clothes and perfectly designed hair, and there’s me, wearing a shirt I got 4 hours ago for a fiver in the New Look sale because I burnt a hole in the one I was planning on wearing when I ironed it this morning. 

And, because they’re all Londoners they’re all really outgoing and chatty. And I’m like – not outgoing or chatty unless I’m a reasonable amount drunker than I was tonight. 

So to begin with, Me, Alice, Kirstyn and Steve just sat on our lonesome in a (metaphorical not literal) table in a corner.

The venue was really nice. We had a balcony at the Bronte restaurant on The Strand booked off, for the 29 of us. 

Each place setting came with our personalised menu cards, calligraphised (not a word) with our names. 

We started to mingle a bit over dinner, and finally met my sisters fiancee’s family. 

Dinner was pretty good. We’d ordered before we got there. The menu was full of octopus and pineapple so I took the safe route and got chicken for starter and chicken for main. 

After dinner we mingled as much as we could whilst staying in the exact seats that were assigned to us. 

Everyone was lovely and asked us about our lives, and our jobs, and they’re all so God-damn attractive it’s intimidating. The blokes and the girls. 

Some of them had been previously informed that I’ve written a novel, so they asked me about it, and once again I found myself incapable of asking the question ‘what’s it about?’

After dinner we went to Embargoes in Chelsea, and we got there by Uber. It was my first time in an Uber. 

Very London. 

I’ll be honest, I was too tired to properly appreciate a night out in Chelsea drinking £12.50 watered-down Vodka Orange Juices with Ollie Locke from Made in Chelsea. (We weren’t technically WITH him, but he was there) 

And now we’re in an Uber again. 

Very London. 

Until tomorrow, happy engagement to the future Mr and Mrs Aristides. 


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