January 15th 2017

Today I went shopping at Westfield for four hours and bought only cupcakes. We wanted to make the most of our trip to London for my sister’s engagement party. We were going to go to the Science Museum or something fun like that, but the weather was crap and we didn’t want to bother with the tube so we drove to Westfield to do some shopping.

Neither of us had been before, but have both always really wanted to go. We spent four hours walking around the endless number of shops but between us we spent £6 on some cupcakes and that was it.

I went with every intention of buying stuff, but by the time we got there – it turns out, driving in London is frustratingly difficult and inefficient – we weren’t really feeling it. Plus, we were out late last night and I’ve got a stinking case of man flu, and Alice is just getting over a slightly less serious bout of regular flu, so we weren’t in the best of moods.

I wanted to buy a pair of trainers for £130 but apart from that there was nothing that particularly convinced me to part with money for (except for the cupcakes, of course). 

It seemed like Zara in it’s entirety was on sale, so I think I could’ve found something worth buying in there, but it was too busy to even comprehend. I’ve seen shorter queues at theme parks than for the queue to the tills in Zara today. Literally, everything was on sale, and people were taking advantage of that. I think I saw one guy walking out with ceiling tiles, clothes rails and a big metallic ‘Z’.

The busyness (probably not a word) of Westfield is both it’s charm and it’s flaw – but that’s London.


We went to lunch at Wahaca, which is a Mexican street food restaurant.

We love Mexican, and we love the street-food way of dining, wherein you just buy about 8 dishes and mix-and-match between you. Like tapas, but for Mexican, or Thai, or others – probably.

FullSizeRender 39.jpg

We like this mix-and-match dining because firstly, we basically like the same food anyway, and having lots of little dishes makes it harder to get bored of the food, because you can just move on to something else. This is always our preferred option.

Wahaca have this cool method of payment where if you have the app, you can type your table number into it, and pay directly through the app, meaning that you don’t have to wave down your waiter or wait for the bill. I didn’t use it, but I thought it was cool, and I’d predict that before long more and more restaurant chains will introduce that feature.

It benefits the customer because it makes payment quicker and easier, and it benefits the restaurant because if you’ve got their app then they can target you with things and increase the likelihood that you’ll go back, plus, it improves table turnover – meaning they can get people in and out quicker, which frees up space for new people quicker.

That’s off topic, but it was clever and I though I’d mention it.

After dinner we did more shopping, and still we bought nothing.

Well, nothing except for the cupcakes.


Until tomorrow, to be fair, they were very good cupcakes.


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