January 17th 2017

Today I booked a ski trip. On March 4th I’m going to the Avoriaz ski resort in the French Alps. Well, half of it is in the Swiss Alps.

Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 22.23.42.png

It’s right on the border between France, Switzerland and Italy. At some point, on one of the slopes in the Ski resort you cross the border between France and Italy. When I do that, it’ll be my first time in Switzerland, and another one ticked off the list. After Switzerland I’ll’ve been to every country in Western Europe with the exception of the Irelands, Luxembourg and Slovenia. (I classify ‘Western Europe’ as everything West of Budapest)

think I drove through Switzerland once when we got a bus from England to Italy on a school skiing trip – the first time I went skiing.

This time, I’m going with a group of friends from University. We only began considering it a few weeks ago, originally we were going to go in February, but no we’re going in March – more time to save, I guess.

I’ve been skiing twice before, and enjoyed it. I’m not great at it, but I’m not awful either. I’m hoping that because this is now my third time that I’ll feel pretty comfortable on the slopes. When they asked if I wanted to go skiing, I found it very hard to say no.

Alice says it’s FOMO: Fear Of Missing Out, and that’s probably definitely completely true. I want to experience it all, and I don’t like the thought of them going and me being stuck at home. So I’m going.

Although, there are far more things attracting me to a week in the French/Swiss Alps other than FOMO – I do take her point, though.

I’m excited. I’ve not been out of the country since May of last year (admittedly, I did have three holidays in May)

I’ve missed travelling, I’ve missed seeing new places, and living new things, and now I have something to look forward to again.

Until tomorrow, take me to the slopes.



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