January 19th 2017

Today I watched what was possibly, probably and hopefully the last episode of Sherlock. I’ve always thoroughly enjoyed the BBC, Steven Moffat, and Benedict Cumberbatch’s depiction of Sherlock Holmes. There’s three, ninety minute episodes a year and I always look forward to New Years Day because it means new Sherlock.

I am this time, however, not counting down the days until the New Year brings New Sherlock.

I’m kind of done with it.

I like it because it’s clever television. They really think about how his brain works, and how they can describe it through speech and visual filmmaking. It’s so clever. Or, it was.

This season just seemed like a cinematographed (not a word) version of a Steven Moffat fever dream. It lost all coherency. Strings were untied, and Sherlock’s got a screw loose.

John Watson got shot in the face at the end of episode two and then walks in smiling at the start of this one – after a brief, but incredibly disturbing killer clown sequence (because why not).

I enjoyed the way that Sherlock solved problems, I enjoyed watching how his brain works, and I loved how they described it through film. I get that they wanted to create a darker drama and give the character more depth, but it kind of lost touch with what I liked about the show. No one liked it when they gave James Bond feelings. Everyone liked Bond for the guns, the girls, the gadgets, and the Gallardos. (I know Bond drives an Aston Martin, not a Lamborghini but that didn’t fit with my alliterative scheme) When they tried to make him moody people lost interest. And it’s the same with Sherlock.

It’s like magic, the way that Sherlock solves a crime, or untangles a thread. It’s like magic except that he explains it to you, and that’s why I like it. I loved magic as a kid, but my favourite program was ‘Breaking the Magician’s Code: Magic’s Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed’ wherein the Masked Magician did a load of magic tricks and then showed you how he did it.

Sherlock is like the masked magician. He astounds you with his trick – his deduction, intellect and memory – and then he walks you through it.

In the final episode there was none of that. We saw him deduce that the killer was the one with ear-hair (I don’t know either) and he re-arranged some letters in a song or something and matched them with the numbers on Nemo’s gravestone… or something.

Again, I get that they’re trying to be different. The Masked Magician can’t just cut a girl in half and then show you how he did it twenty times an episode for three seasons, occasionally he’s got to set himself on fire.

Sherlock stopped cutting the girl in half, but he didn’t set himself on fire either.

He didn’t even catch on fire when his house blew up, he just jumped out of the window and landed unhurt. Somehow.

Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 23.02.22.png

Until tomorrow, you get my point…


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